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 +====== Text Editor ======
 +This simple text editor can be used to open and view documents (e.g. TXT, HTML, XML) or write some quick notes and save them as text files (*.txt) on your network drive.
 +^ Button ^ Function ^ Description ^
 +| {{:​texteditor_new.png?​nolink|}} | **New** | Start again with a blank text file. Make sure to save your current work first, so you don't lose any data, before you press this button! |
 +| {{:​texteditor_open.png?​nolink|}} | **Open** | Locate and open an existing text file. |
 +| {{:​texteditor_save.png?​nolink|}} | **Save** | Save the current text file. |
 +| {{:​texteditor_saveas.png?​nolink|}} | **Save As** | Save a copy of the current text file in a different folder or with a different name. |
 +| {{:​texteditor_newwindow.png?​nolink|}} | **New Window** | Create a blank text file in a new window. |
 +===== Create New Text File =====
 +  - Click **New** {{:​texteditor_new.png?​nolink|}}
 +  - Edit the text.\\ {{:​applications-texteditor2.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +  - Click **Save As** {{:​texteditor_saveas.png?​nolink|}}
 +  - Enter a file name.\\ {{:​applications-texteditor3a.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +  - Select the folder where you would like to save the file and click **Save**.\\ {{:​applications-texteditor4a.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +===== Open Existing Text File =====
 +  - Click **Open** {{:​texteditor_open.png?​nolink|}}
 +  - Locate and select the file you would like to open.\\ {{:​applications-texteditor5.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +  - If the file extension of the file you are looking for does not end in ***.txt**, change the **File Type** to ***.*** in order to display all file formats.\\ {{:​applications-texteditor6a.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +  - Select the file and click **Open** to view and edit the file.\\ {{:​applications-texteditor7a.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +  - You can now view and edit the file.\\ {{:​applications-texteditor8.jpg?​nolink|}}
 +<​note>​To open a ***.txt** file you can also double-click on the file in the file explorer and it will automatically open the file in the text editor.</​note>​


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