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 +====== iBackup Overview ======
 +The iBackup service can be used to backup all your photos and videos from the iPhone or iPad on your network drive. Enable the iBackup service and connect the mobile device via USB to your network drive to run the backup.
 +^ Button/​Label ​ ^ Function ^
 +| **Enable iDisk Backup** | Select to enable or deselect to disable the iBackup service. |
 +| **Backup To** | Displays the path to the destination folder for the backup. |
 +| **Browse** | Click to select a new destination folder for the backup. |
 +| **Apply** | Save and apply the new settings. |
 +| **Refresh** | Refresh the screen to load the latest settings. |
 +<note warning>​The iBackup function is no longer actively supported and was removed with the firmware update 20121206. This function was included up to firmware version 20120814 and supported mobile devices running iOS up to version 4.x. If you have previously setup iBackup, you can still use this function but you can no longer configure the service and mobile devices running iOS 5 and above are no longer supported.</​note>​
 +===== How to enable the iBackup service on your network drive =====
 +  - Open the web browser and login to your network drive.<
 +  - Go to "​Preferences"​ and select "​iBackup"​.<​
 +  - Place a tick in the box "​Enable iDisk Backup"​.<​
 +  - Click **Browse** and select a destination folder for your backup files.<
 +  - Click **Apply** to save the settings and enable the iBackup service.<​
 +===== How to backup your files from the mobile device =====
 +Once the iBackup service is enabled (see instructions above), simply connect your mobile device (e.g. iPhone or iPad) via USB to your network drive and the backup starts automatically. All images and videos are copied to the destination folder that is defined in the preferences.
 +To access your backup files, login via web browser or mount the network drive. You can find the files in the pre-set destination folder under your device name.
 +<​note>​There is currently no indication, either on the mobile device or the network drive itself, to see the backup progress or its completion. To check if all the files have been backed up, please login to your device and check the backup folder.</​note>​


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