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 +====== SMS ======
 +To send invitations via SMS and receive system notifications on your mobile phone, enter the login credentials of your **Every8D.com** account.
 +<note important>​The settings for this service are hidden unless you select **繁體中文** (Traditional Chinese) as the language for your web interface. To change the language, see [[applications_system_appearance#​language|Applications > System Appearance]].</​note>​
 +<note warning>​**This service is available only in Taiwan.**</​note>  ​
 +^ Field ^ Description ^
 +| **Register** | Link to the Every8D website. |
 +| **Username** | Enter the username for your Every8D account. |
 +| **Password** | Enter the password for your Every8D account. |
 +| **System Notification** | Enable this option if you want to receive a message from the network drive when;<​WRAP>​
 +  * Hard disk is full (used over 95%).
 +  * Hard disk temperature is high (over 75℃).
 +  * Hard disk related errors.
 +| **Phone Number** | Enter the phone number where you want to receive the system notification. |
 +| **Send a Test SMS** | Click **Send** to send a test message to your mobile phone in order to confirm that the service works. |


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