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 +====== Date & Time ======
 +Configure the system date and time of your network drive.
 +<note important>​Changing the date and the time may interrupt some of the services that rely on date & time. If possible, finish all file transfers and downloads before you change these settings.</​note>​
 +===== Date & Time =====
 +^ Field ^ Description ^
 +| **Date** | Set the server date by selecting the date in the calendar. |
 +| **Time** | Enter the system time in **hours:​minutes:​seconds** (e.g. 13:15:07). |
 +| **Apply** | Apply and save the changes. |
 +===== Time Zone =====
 +To set the time by time zone, select the city closest to your home from the list of available cities and then click **Apply**.
 +===== Internet Time =====
 +Select one of the time servers from the list and then click **Apply** to synchronize the time over the internet.


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