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 +====== SMS ======
 +To send SMS invitations and other messages to mobile phones in Taiwan. Before you can use this service, go to [[preferences_sms|Preferences > SMS]] and enter the login credentials of your Every8D.com account.
 +<note important>​This application is hidden unless you select **繁體中文** (Traditional Chinese) as the language for your web interface. To change the language, see [[applications_system_appearance#​language|Applications > System Appearance]].</​note>​
 +<note warning>​**This service is available only in Taiwan.**</​note>​
 +^ Button ^ Function ^ Description ^
 +| {{:​sms_send.png?​nolink|}} | **Send** | Send out SMS message. |
 +| **Receiver** | **Add Contacts** | Click **Receiver** to add contacts from your address book or manually enter a phone number. |
 +===== Send SMS =====
 +  - Click **Receiver** to open the address book or manually enter a phone number.\\ {{:​applications-sms1a.jpg?​nolink}}
 +  - Select a contact from your address book and click **Add**.\\ {{:​applications-sms2a.jpg?​nolink}}
 +  - Edit your message and click **Send** to send out the SMS message.\\ {{:​applications-sms3a.jpg?​nolink}}


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