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 +====== Server Info ======
 +All the important information about your network drive is displayed here. If you contact tech support, please refresh the data and include this information in your ticket or e-mail. ​
 +^ Field ^ Description ​ ^
 +| **Registration Name** | The device name used for login via web portal. |
 +| **Host Name** | The host name of your network drive. |
 +| **Workgroup Name** | The name of the Workgroup the network drive belongs to (used for the Samba server). |
 +| **Local IP Address** | The local IP address (LAN) of your network drive. |
 +| **UPnP Port Forwarding** | The external IP address (WAN) and port number used for remote login to your network drive. |
 +| **MAC Address** | The MAC Address of your network drive. |
 +| **Firmware Version** | The current firmware version. |
 +| **Kernel Version** | The current kernel version of the system. |
 +| **System Time** | The date and time of the system. |


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