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-====== ​Browser ​====== +====== ​瀏覽器 ​====== 
-This browser can be used to access the web interface of other network devices that are connected to the same home network as the network drive.+此瀏覽器功能可以用來瀏覽與私有雲在同一區網的其它網路設備的Web界面。
-For example, you are away from home but are currently logged into your network drive. You have an IP camera that is installed somewhere in your house but the camera has not been setup for remote access, so you cannot see what is going on at home. You can now enter the local IP address of your IP camera in the URL field of the browser application,​ enable the proxy service and then view your camera through the browser, making it possible to see what's going on back home.+例如,外出時如果您想進入到家中的網路攝影機的頁面中,但是網路攝影機並沒有設置遠端訪問功能,所以你不能在透過遠端觀看家裡的畫面。現在,您可以輸入您的網路攝影機的本地IP地址,在瀏覽器應用程式中的網址列中,勾選啟用代理服務,然後通過瀏覽器查看您的攝影機。
 ^ Field ^ Description ^ ^ Field ^ Description ^
-| **Enable Proxy** | Enable this option when you are not at home but want to access another device on the home network. ​+| **啟用代理** | 當你不在家,但要訪問家庭網絡上的另一台設備,請啟用此選項。 ​
-| **Open in new window** | Opens the address in a new window. ​|+| **在新視窗中開啟** | 在新視窗中開啟網頁。 ​|
-<note tip>Accessing other devices through this browser will be slower than usual.</​note>​+<note tip>通過這個瀏覽器訪問其它設備會比較慢。</​note>​
-<​note>​If you are unable to access the IP address, try to ping the device first and see if it can be reached. See [[system_network#test|Preferences ​Network]].</​note>​+<​note>​如果你無法訪問該IP地址,請嘗試ping該設備是否能連線。請參閱 ​[[zh-tw:​system_preferences#網路設置|系統設置 ​網路設置]].</​note>​


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