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 <​note>​這一個功能只支援於 [悠遊雲 MyCloud Pro] 產品。</​note>​ <​note>​這一個功能只支援於 [悠遊雲 MyCloud Pro] 產品。</​note>​
 ^ 項目 ^ 說明 ​ ^ ^ 項目 ^ 說明 ​ ^
-| **Enable ​Dropbox** | Select the check-box to enable the dropbox function. ​+| **啟用Dropbox** | 勾選時啟用 Dropbox 功能,不勾時則取消 Dropbox 功能。 ​
-| **Register a Dropbox ​Account** | Click on this link to register a new account with dropbox. ​+| **註冊 ​Dropbox ​帳戶** | 擊此鏈接註冊 Dropbox 的賬戶。 ​
-| **Dropbox Link Information** | Click on this link to either register or unlink the device with dropbox. ​+| **連接資訊** | 點擊該鏈接,可以註冊或取消與 Dropbox 的連線。 ​
-| **Status** | Shows the current status of the dropbox application (e.g. waiting to be linked, downloading,​ idle, etc.). ​+| **狀態** | 顯示 Dropbox 應用程序的當前狀態(例如等待被鏈接,下載,空閒等)。 ​
-| **Dropbox ​Location** | By default, this path is set to **/​home/​Dropbox/​**. If you would like to change it, click the link and select your preferred folder. ​+| **Dropbox ​路徑** | 預設存放位置為 ​**/​home/​Dropbox/​**,點擊連結可開啟資料夾。 ​
-| **Apply** | Apply and save the changes. ​|+| **套用** | 完成設定後需要按下套用鍵,完成設定。 ​|
-<note tip>To access the configuration menu, you can either go to [[applications_dropbox|Applications ​> Dropbox]] or you can click on the dropbox icon in the taskbar (top right of the screen beside the time).</​note>​+<note tip>要使用 Dropbox 功能,您可以在 ​[應用程序 ​> Dropbox],或者您可以點擊任務欄中的下拉框圖標(時間旁邊的屏幕右上角)。</​note>​
-===== Dropbox ​Setup =====+===== 設定 ​Dropbox ===== 
 +  - 先使用 admin 登入到悠遊雲中。 
 +  - 開啟 [應用程式 > Dropbox],勾選 [啟用Dropbox] 後按下 [套用]。(如果未出現連接資訊連結,請按下 [重新整理] 鍵即可。) 
 +  - 如果還未註冊 Dropbox 請先點選 [註冊Dropbox帳戶] 右方的連接。\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_dropbox-02.jpg?​nolink|}}\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_dropbox-02-1.jpg?​nolink|}} 
 +  - 已註冊過 Dropbox 帳號者,請點選[連接資訊]右方的連接,登入 Dropbox 。\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_dropbox-011.jpg?​nolink|}}\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_dropbox-03.jpg?​nolink|}} 
 +  - 登入後,[連接資訊]會出現已連接的說明,如要斷開可以點選 [斷開連接]。\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_dropbox-04.jpg?​nolink|}} 
 +  - 完成後可以點選[Dropbox 路徑]右方的連結開啟資料夾,或是開啟 [檔案總管] 在 home 底下可以看到 Dropbox 資料夾。\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_dropbox-05.jpg?​nolink|}} 
 +  - 最後可以查看 [狀態] ,看看您目前的同步動作。\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_dropbox-06.jpg?​nolink|}} 
 +  - 完成。
-  - Login to your network drive as administrator. 
-  - Go to [[applications_dropbox|Applications > Dropbox]]. 
-  - Select the check-box to enable the dropbox function and click **Apply** to save the settings.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-01a.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - By default, the folder that will be synchronized with the dropbox account is located at **/​home/​Dropbox/​**. If you would like to change it, click the link beside **Dropbox Location**, select your preferred folder and apply the settings.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-01b.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Click on the link beside **Dropbox Link Information** to link the device to your dropbox account.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-01c.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Sign in to your dropbox account.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-02.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Enter the password to your dropbox account to confirm and link the device to your account.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-03a.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - The device is now linked to your dropbox account.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-04.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Go back to [[applications_dropbox|Applications > Dropbox]]. The information beside **Dropbox Link Information** should now show that your device is linked to dropbox. If in the future you would like to unlink it, click on the link **Unlink this device**.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-05a.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Click **Refresh** to update the status and see how long it takes for all the files to synchronize.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-06a.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - When the file synchronization is completed, you can access and manage your files on the network drive.\\ {{:​applications-dropbox-07a.jpg?​nolink|}} 


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