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   - 執行「Windows Media Player」。   - 執行「Windows Media Player」。
   - 您會在「**其他媒體櫃**」中看到您所啟用的「媒體伺服器」名稱,請直接點選。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp01a.jpg?​nolink|}}   - 您會在「**其他媒體櫃**」中看到您所啟用的「媒體伺服器」名稱,請直接點選。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp01a.jpg?​nolink|}}
-  - 進入後選擇要播放的檔案分類項目(音樂、視訊、圖片...等)。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp01b.jpg?​nolink|}}+  - 進入後選擇要播放的檔案分類項目(音樂、視訊、圖片...等)。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp01b.jpg?​nolink|}}
   - 在點選該檔案類型的細項分類(例如在音樂項目中有演出者、專輯、所有音樂...等),您也可以點選中的「資料夾」選項,來選擇您要播放的資料夾。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp02a.jpg?​nolink|}}   - 在點選該檔案類型的細項分類(例如在音樂項目中有演出者、專輯、所有音樂...等),您也可以點選中的「資料夾」選項,來選擇您要播放的資料夾。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp02a.jpg?​nolink|}}
   - 選擇完後按下播放鍵開始播放。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp03.jpg?​nolink|}}   - 選擇完後按下播放鍵開始播放。\\ {{:​mediaserver-wmp03.jpg?​nolink|}}
 ===== Playstation 3 ===== ===== Playstation 3 =====
-  - On your game console, open the **Settings** menu, go to **Network Settings**, select **Media Server Connection** and **Enable** it. This will allow the game console to detect the available media servers on your home network.\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps301.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 在你的 Playstation 選單畫面中,打開「設定」選單,進入網路設定,選擇連接媒體伺服器,並啟用它。\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps301.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - When you turn on the game console, the available media servers on the home network are automatically detected and a link to it is listed in each category for Photo, Music and Video.\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps302.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 當你打開遊戲控制台,媒體伺服器服務會自動搜尋家庭網路上可用的裝置,您可以在每個類別中看到分享的裝置名稱。\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps302.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Select your device and then select the type of files that are stored in the selected category (e.g. Pictures for Photo, Music for Music, Videos for Video).\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps303.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 然後選擇類別(如圖片,音樂,照片,音樂影片視頻)中您的設備,並開啟該類別所對應的影音檔案。\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps303.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  -  ​Depending on the file format, the files can be sorted according to different criteria but you can also simply display all the available files (e.g. "All Music"​) or view the files in folder view (e.g. "​Folders"​) just like the files are stored on your network drive.\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps304.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 然後在選擇細項分類,選擇您的影音檔案。\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps304.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - To start playback, locate the file that you would like to access and press the circle button.\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps305.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 選擇好檔案後,您就可以直接播放。\\ {{:​mediaserver-ps305.jpg?​nolink|}}
- +
-<note tip>For more information about how to setup and use the Playstation 3 with a media server, please refer to the documentation of your game console at http://​manuals.playstation.net/​document/​en/​ps3/​current/​settings/​connectdlna.html.</​note>​+
 +<note tip>​更詳細的說明,請參考您播放器的使用說明:http://​manuals.playstation.net/​document/​en/​ps3/​current/​settings/​connectdlna.html.</​note>​
 ===== Xbox360 ===== ===== Xbox360 =====
-  - On your game console, go to **apps** ​and select ​**My Apps**.\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36001a.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 進入您的遊戲控制項目中,選擇「**apps**」中的「**My Apps**」。\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36001a.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Depending on the file type you would like to view, select the corresponding media player (e.g. Picture Viewer for images, System Music Player for music, System Video Player for videos).\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36002a.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 然後選擇要播放的項目。\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36002a.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Select your network drive from the list of available source.\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36003a.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 進入後,選擇檔案所存放的位置。\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36003a.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Locate the file that you would like to access and start playback.\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36004.jpg?​nolink|}}+  - 選擇好檔案後,您就可以直接播放。\\ {{:​mediaserver-xbox36004.jpg?​nolink|}}


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