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 <note tip>​如果你不想立即下載ZIP檔,您可以隨時在HOME目錄下找到它,後來從那裡下載。</​note>​ <note tip>​如果你不想立即下載ZIP檔,您可以隨時在HOME目錄下找到它,後來從那裡下載。</​note>​
-===== Batch Rename ​===== +===== 批量重命名 ​===== 
-To rename multiple files in a batch once they are uploaded to the network drive, use the **Batch Rename** command.+您想要批量重命名多個檔案名稱,您可以使用「**批量重命名**」指令來完成。
-  - Select the files you would like to rename.\\ {{:batch-rename-01.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 配合(Ctrl)(Shift)按鍵,選擇您想重命名的文件。\\ {{zh-tw:tw_rename-01.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Right-click to open the context menu and select ​**Batch Rename**.\\ {{:batch-rename-02.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 按下滑鼠右鍵打開功能選單,並選擇「**批量重命名**」指令。\\ {{zh-tw:​tw_rename-02.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Enter a name followed by a dash or underscore (the dash or underscore is not a requirement,​ only a suggestion).\\ {{:batch-rename-03.jpg?​nolink|}} +  - 輸入一個名稱後跟一個破折號或底線(破折號或底線只是一個建議,並沒有一定必要)。\\ {{zh-tw:tw_rename-03.jpg?​nolink|}} 
-  - Click **OK** to rename the files. +  - 按下「**確認**」進行檔名更換動作。 
-  - The selected files will be renamed automatically with the new name plus a number attached at the end (e.g. images_01, images_02, etc.).\\ {{:batch-rename-04.jpg?​nolink|}}+  - 選定的文件將被自動重命名新的名稱,加上一個數字(例如:我的圖片_00.jpg)。\\ {{zh-tw:tw_rename-04.jpg?​nolink|}}
-<note important>​Remember that if you have previously added these files to an album, renaming them will remove the files from the album, so you will have to add them again after the renaming process is completed.</​note>​+<note important>​請記住,如果你已經將這些文件添加到相冊中,重命名後會在相冊中刪除這些文件,所以你需要重新添加至您的相冊中。</​note>​


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