Tips and Tricks

Stream your media files to the iPhone/iPad

When you are at home, instead of using our free MyCloud App, you can install a 3rd party app to stream the media files from the UPnP media server. This way, you don't have to login to your MyCloud and can playback the music or video files almost instantaneously. As an example, you can use the free MLPlayer Lite app at

Why do files load so slowly when I try to access them remotely?

This is not only a very common question, but also an extremely good question. The answer, though is really rather simple.

Many NAS users get excellent speeds within their home networks, but when they try to access files remotely from another computer or a mobile device the file transfer speeds become very slow. Why the big difference between local and remote access speeds?

Well, the simple answer is that most people think that they have very fast internet speeds when in fact they only have very fast internet DOWNLOAD speeds. For many people, download speeds are the most important. They want to be able to download content to their computers as fast as possible.

However, for people who want to access content remotely from a server placed in their homes or offices, the most important thing is UPLOAD speed. You need to be able to upload files from your NAS onto the internet as fast as possible in order for them to get downloaded as fast as possible. If the files upload slowly, then it does not matter how fast the download speeds are on the other end because the files need to be uploaded before they can be downloaded.

Many companies have very fast upload and download speeds, and therefore files can be accessed rather quickly whether from within the local network or remotely.

So, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of remote access to files and if you really want to start enjoying cloud access, then the main thing that you want to do is get the fastest UPLOAD speeds that you possibly can, the faster the better. The difference between good upload speeds and excellent upload speeds is amazing! If you want to be able to quickly access files and even watch smooth video, then extremely fast upload speeds are an absolute MUST!

Rename photos on your desktop before uploading

Many digital cameras and mobile phone cameras save photos with simple numbers rather than names. If you want to rename your photos, we suggest that you do so before loading them onto MyCloud, as the data bus speeds are much faster when done directly on your computer.

If you upload photos first and then rename them, the data bus speeds slow down as the information is sent through the web portal and back to MyCloud. Renaming files can be done either way, but it is faster to do it prior to uploading.

Update 14/8/2012: Starting with firmware version 20120814, you can now easily rename multiple files and automatically number them even through the web interface. Right-click on your files to access the context menu and then select Batch Rename.


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