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 | **支援硬碟** | <​WRAP>​ | **支援硬碟** | <​WRAP>​
   * 3.5” SATA-I~III 硬碟   * 3.5” SATA-I~III 硬碟
-  * 支援容量 80GB - 4TB+  * 支援單顆硬碟容量 80GB - 4TB
   * XFS 預設硬碟格式   * XFS 預設硬碟格式
 </​WRAP>​ | </​WRAP>​ |
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 ===== 安裝硬碟 ===== ===== 安裝硬碟 =====
-Remove the screw at the bottom of the case and lift the front panel upward and away from the housing to remove it.+將底座的前方面板螺絲取下,上推後取下前方面板。
 {{:​hdd-installation-mycloud-duo-01.png?​nolink|}} {{:​hdd-installation-mycloud-duo-01.png?​nolink|}}
-Install the hard drives as illustrated below with the top of the drives, where the label is located, facing each other. Push the drives lightly into place and then replace the front panel. Mount the front panel and the drives by fastening the screws at the bottom of the case.+硬碟標籤面相對,推入硬碟插槽中,蓋上前方面板,鎖上底座的前方面板螺絲與硬碟固定螺絲,即完成。
 {{:​hdd-installation-mycloud-duo-02.png?​nolink|}} {{:​hdd-installation-mycloud-duo-02.png?​nolink|}}


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